Welcome to Orford Primary School  

Orford Primary School is situated in the small coastal town of Orford on the east coast of Tasmania.
The school caters for about 90 students from surrounding areas. 
At Orford Primary we create a welcoming and safe atmosphere that recognises and celebrates individuality
within a rich learning environment.  We actively promote the nurturing of children as a shared process between
family, school and community.
We value
  •  Tolerance and Fairness. We recognise the rights of all students to learn in a safe, positive and equitable environment.
  •  Respect and Compassion. We are inclusive, empathetic and non-judgemental in our interactions.
  •  Honesty and Trustworthiness. We act ethically and with integrity to support community goals.
  •  Being the Best we can be. We maintain high expectations and pursue continuous growth.  
  •  Personal Responsibility.  We consistently seek new knowledge, skills and feedback.